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Daily & Weekly Events!

Date:04-24-2013 | View: 3157

Hello, everyone. 
Starting this week, there will be daily/weekly events both on Facebook and on the forum with lots of prizes! They are designed to be quick, simple, and easy. We will add more events as time goes, so make sure you participate and receive easy rewards! 
You can see what the events will be like below:

1. Random Friday
A random question will be posted on both our forum and on our Facebook. You can post on either of them your answer as well as your IGN (in-game name), and we will randomly select 5 winners each and give out prizes!
Facebook Link:
Note 1: Posting your answer on both forum and on Facebook will NOT increase your odds. We will combine the answer lists, remove duplicates, and then randomly select the winners. This, of course, means that you will only be able to win a single prize each round (if you're lucky).
Note 2: The question will be posted at around 00:00 ~ 01:00 Friday (server time), and we will round up the winners the next Monday and distribute the prizes. Also, since this is a new event, so the prizes and number of winners are likely to be changed. 
2. Tip of the Day
Submit your tip of the day (a short tip, usually a sentence or two) and your IGN (in-game name). We will randomly select one of the submissions and broadcast it in-game. You will also receive a prize if your tip is chosen. 
Forum Link:
Facebook Link:
Note: The Tip of the Day post will be up on Monday (server time). You will have all week to submit tips both on Facebook and on the forum (until Sunday). We will select 7 tips, one for each day, and they will be broadcast the following week. 
3. Choose Your Prize!
On Facebook, there will be a poll with each option being the possible prize. Vote on what you would like to receive, and the option with the most number of votes will be given out to everyone. It's as simple as that!

Facebook Link:
Note: The poll will be posted on Wednesday, server time, and the prizes will be given out on Friday. 

Please note that these are new events, so we may need to adjust some variables, such as the number of winners, the level or prizes, the method of selecting winners, event duration, event date, and so on. In such possible cases, we apologize in advance. 

Thank you.

Heroes of the Realm Team
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